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乐(le) sound like 六(liu) , that's why 6 is a lucky number in China, and its meant to bring your happiness. That's different for another culture. BE HAPPY!

It is hard to be happy in this world when people are trying to upset you. My dad used to tell me, people above you will try to push you down, and people below you will try to pull you down. We have to try to ignore and perceive their sarcastic comments as 'vomits'. People who are mean just lack self-esteem, the more they call you names , " the bigger they see their image or ego growing". It gives them false satisfaction. You know, sometimes people are mean without a reason? I mean, why use your energy on doing something negative, it's better to encourage people than to put them down right? Yeah, maybe you feel in power, but after that you'll kinda feel guilty. If you don't have that feeling, that means you're just so used to it, that you ignore what the little voice in you is trying to say. "Keep your cool!" Also, "Answer those unimportant people diplomatically".There is also a saying that we shouldn't get back on people, but we should do nice things to them. Sort of in a way, I wouldn't do this in truth, but after thinking for awhile, I realized that the more nicer things you do to 'them', the more they get annoyed. They'll wonder, how can you be so forgiving while they are being cruel to you?

Sometimes you also need to speak up for yourself. Don't just keep it to yourself. Find the source of your problem. It usually roots from one person. Talk and confront that person in a nice way and ask them not to bother you. If they persist on doing it, talk to someone who is wiser, like maybe a counselor or your parents. It's never to late to speak up, it's just the matter of when. Don't wait for another day to speak up, do it when the event occurred. Gather up the courage to talk back, it's your right. In overall, keep a calm outer appearance and say it without anger, though sometimes it's necessary.

Throughout the problems we have to know that many things in our lives happen for a reason. Today, I read a short text about being in a car wash. So, this guy talks about his experience using it and how he was irrational to think that the water would seep in his car. After the car wash, his car was squeaky clean. He compares this to the storms in our lives. And that we will come out on the other side. Seeing it from a Christian point of view, he says that during that time he knows that God will be with him through it.

-When you pass through waters,I will be with you-(Isaiah 43:1-13)

However, some people prefer to think that life is a cycle and it will always go round and round. We will pass through the happiness and the sadness and the difficulty and ease all in a wheel. You can think it that way too. Always remember that throughout the process, after every event, we will eventually learn something and grow from the experience we gain.

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